Property General Trading provides our clients high-quality, featured services such as machinery equipment sales and lease, catering, logistics, furnishing, cleaning, office supplies purchase, trading and landed property. We provide anything your company might need to get it running efficiently. Property General Trading works for lower prices and faster deliveries to keep us at the top of our field. We guarantee liability insurance for our clients so customers feel secure doing business with us.

Property Vehicle Commerce

Property Vehicle Commerce presents clients with the opportunity to either purchase or lease, making our company different from any other vehicle trade company.

Property Trading Service

Property Trading primarily focuses on importing and exporting products based on our customers’ specifications and requirements.

Property Logistic

Property Defense Supplies delivers a unique platform of excellent equipment and information to the national and international security industry.

Office and furniture supplies

As one of the largest general trading businesses in Iraq, we are happy to bring our clients any of the stationary supplies they might need for their offices at the lowest price available.

Property Oil & Gas Services

Property Oil & Gas serves all areas of both the independent commercial oil companies and the national oil companies.



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