Property General Trading is Erbil based trading Company Our Company has been established in 2012 by a group of specialists with different backgrounds. Property General Trading is a collection of knowledge and experience in different prospects such as Defense viands, Logistics, vehicle purchase and leasing, office and furniture supplies, etc.

We are originated to connect suppliers worldwide to our clients all over Iraq. To make sure that the client gets the best product and service to fulfil their needs. Our professional teams concentrate on satisfying our customers from the global equipping chain and domestic production in the entire Iraq. The insight of property General Trading is to provide a better price with a high quality. Insisting on creative and affordable solutions made us to build longterm business relationship with our client such us U.S. Army.


Our Philosophy matches customer individual requirements because we understand that a single product based supplier cannot fulfil all of their various needs. This is why you can find anything you may need with us from a day to day need; it’s also in our capacity to provide office stationery supplies and office equipment or embellishment. We are always here to help! Property General Trading philosophy is spoken in the company’s brand promise to our clients. As an independent company we are dedicated to meet the needs of our customers in the most effective and quality efficient way. We are free to choose the best prices without compromising our belief in quality and mighty customer service. Customers from all over Iraq are always welcomed to contact us.


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Being globally famed company and succor an enormous range of excellent favors to our customers.


We have set several strategies that our work follows and implies, which include:-

- Comprise innovative business

- Engage skilful and professional crew in each task we participate 

- Captivate local work with strong global communication

- Being a national and international trading idol

- withdrawal of outdated methods and pursuit the work with modern vision 




Tel: +964 (0) 750 865 7878

Address: Erbil, Ankawa, Somar Road